Eruption Chronology of Primary Teeth in Nepalese Children

Prakash Baral, Bandana Koirala, Ratna Baral, Soumya Bhattacharya, Sarun Koirala


Background: The timing of emergence of teeth has been seen to vary in different races in the world.  However, no study has been conducted to represent the Nepalese population. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to assess the timings of emergence of primary teeth and establish the eruption chronology for Nepalese children.

Study Design: 500 healthy Nepalese children (245 males and 255 females) from various dental health camps organized in all different parts of Nepal were enrolled to see the emergence of incisal tip of incisors and canines or cusp tip of molars visible through gingiva along with their age and sex.

Results: Delayed eruption of primary teeth was found in Nepalese children when compared with the children of western countries. Nepalese female children showed early emergence by one month compared to their male counterparts.

Conclusion: A baseline data for emergence timings of primary teeth in Nepalese children has been established, which now can be used as reference standard for clinical, academic and research purposes in Nepal. There is a racial variation in the emergence of teeth. Nepalese children showed delayed eruption of primary teeth when compared to the western children.


chronology, emergence, Nepalese children, primary teeth

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