100% Root Coverage in Isolated Gingival Recession with Groupe’s Modification of Lateral Pedicle Graft

Junima Rajkarnikar


Gingival recession is the most common mucogingival deformity and should be treated at its earliest detection. Exposed root surfaces are more likely to develop root sensitivity and root caries and pose esthetic problems. Among various procedures, laterally positioned pedicle graft is widely used successfully to cover Miller’s class-I and Class-II recession defects. This article highlights on a case report in which a modified laterally positioned flap had been used for root coverage in Miller’s class-I recession defect in relation to left maxillary first premolar area. Root coverage was obtained with no change in the position of gingiva at the donor site.


gingival recession, laterally positioned pedicle graft, mucogingival surgery, root coverage

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