Old Age Blues In Dentistry- A Fact To Be Concerned

Amit Tirth, S KPal, V Tandon


Across the life there are various age groups ranging from young born to age, older ones. School going children are grown up adults now, young adults are grown up citizens now, and middle aged have become older The proportion of older people is growing faster than of any other age group. Globally, poor oral health among older people has particularly been seen in a high level of periodontal disease, tooth loss, dental caries. The negative impact of poor oral conditions on daily life is particularly significant among edentulous people. Oral health is integral to general health and a determinant of quality of life. This relationship is reciprocal and complex, and magnified in older adults as they disproportionately suffer from chronic disease. There are a lot of older communities, homebound older that have certain problems like physiological abnormality, finances, psychosocial issues, anxiety that act as barriers in accessing dental care. The dental care community must find creative ways to reach out to underserved segments of older adults. One way to increase older access to oral health care is by requiring dentists and hygienists to promote oral health care in underserved areas as part of a continuing education requirement.


Barriers, care, oral problem

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