Retrieval Of An Overextending, Separated Instrument From The Canal Of A Lower Molar – A Case Report

A RVivekananda Pai, A Yadav, A KKumar


A fractured instrument inside a root canal can affect the outcome of an endodontic treatment. One of the orthograde approaches recommended to manage a separated instrument is its removal from the root canal. However, orthograde removal of a separated instrument is reported to be difficult in most cases. A Masserann kit is a hollow tube device specially designed for the removal of intracanal metallic objects from the root canal. It is said to be less successful in posteriors than in anteriors. Further, the use of a Masseran kit to retrieve a periapically overextending separated instrument from the root canal of a posterio tooth is not frequently reported. This case report illustrates using Masserann technique to successfully retrieve an overextending, separated instrument from the root canal of lower first molar.


Fragment, instrument removal, masserann kit, separated instrument

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