Intra oral Lipoma - A case report

Rajiv Khadka, N KChaurasia


Lipoma is a very common benign tumor of adipose tissue, but its presence in the oral and oropharyngeal region is relatively uncommon, with a prevalence rate of only 1/5,000 adults. Lipomas represent about 1 to 5% of all neoplasms of the oral cavity. While most lesions are developmental anomalies, those which occur in the maxillofacial region usually arise late in life and are presumed to be neoplasms of adipocytes, occasionally associated with trauma. Most of the cases, affect adults without gender predilection. The main sites involved are the buccal mucosa tongue, lips and floor of mouth. A case of lipoma of oral cavity in 18years old male is presented along with the clinical picture, histopathologic features and treatment plan. The relevant literature regarding the condition is also discussed.


Buccal mucosa, lipoma, oral mucosa

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