Esthetic Management of Gingival Recession: Use of Gingival Veneer

Shaili Pradhan, M Giri


The loss of hard and soft tissue in maxillary anterior region may cause functional, phonetic, and esthetic problems including disproportional and elongated clinical crowns, visible interdental embrasures, and altered linguo - alveolar and labio - dental consonant production. Gingival prosthesis is of great importance in masking such defects, thereby improving esthetics and phonetics of the patients with recessed periodontal tissues. In such situations, an acrylic resin gingival veneer proves an inexpensive and practical device to optimize the esthetic and functional outcome which can be easily constructed. This article presents a case which was managed using acrylic gingival veneer.


Black triangles, esthetics, gingival veneer

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