Unilateral Marginal mandibular nerve paresis: A rare complication of submandibular space infection

Sushil Subedi, B Shrestha, S Pandey


Maxillofacial space infections of odontogenic origin are very common in day to day dental practice. Frequently, submandibular space infection develops from an acute infection spreading from the lower molar teeth. Various complications such as Ludwig’s angina, necrotizing fasciitis of the head and neck and mediastinitis may arise secondary to progression of the infection in different anatomical planes. It is highly unusual for facial nerve paresis to occur from inflammation or infection. Here, we report a case of marginal mandibular nerve paresis as a result of odontogenic infection originating from mandibular second molar, which is considered rare.


Facial nerve paresis, marginal mandibular nerve, odontogenic infection, space infection

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