Anatomical Challenges in Endodontics – A Series of Case Reports

Priyanka Murgai, Rahul Bansal, Meena CKumari, Navneet Kukreja


Mandibular canine, molar and premolar presents a complex internal anatomy. Although the presence of three and four root canals are the most common anatomic configuration of the mandibular molar, other morphologies have also been reported. The purpose of this report is to show a clinical case of mandibular first molar with five root canals, mandibular canine with two root canals and mandibular first premolar with two root canals which lead us to conclude that such anatomical variations also occur in India as much as described in the international literature and cannot be overlooked when treating the teeth. Improved understanding of these uncommon anatomic configurations should lead to better clinical outcomes.


anatomy, canine, molar, premolar, root canal therapy

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