Enigma of Mandibular Anterior Teeth – Case Report Of Type II Canal Configuration

Swati Bhosala, Akilan Balasubramanian, Rameshkumar M, Jayasree S


It is well known fact that pulp canal system is complex and canals may branch, divide and rejoin. A canal is often left untreated as the clinician fails to recognize its presence due to lack of knowledge of root canal morphology or due to lack of experience and skills to negotiate that canal. For the prevention or healing of periapical pathology the clinician should be familiar with the various canal configurations. Mandibular anterior teeth are almost always associated with vertucci’s type II canal configurations. In spite of this the second canal in these teeth are mostly missed by the dentist. This paper reports two such cases of mandibular anterior teeth with vertucci’s type II canal configurations.


mandibular anterior teeth, type II canal

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