Rehabilitation of a Patient with Severely Resorbed Mandibular Residual Ridge Utilizing Neutral Zone Technique - A Case Report

A Maharjan, S Joshi, P Joshi


Providing complete denture therapy to patients with severely resorbed mandibular residual ridge is challenging as these patients have decreased denture foundation leading to compromised retention, stability, support and comfort. Neutral zone impression technique can be considered as a treatment approach for these types of patients, where dental implants are contraindicated or unfeasible. Neutral zone is the potential space where forces exerted by lips and cheeks on one side are neutralized by tongue from the other side. This technique serves as a guide to arrange teeth and contour the polished surface of the denture to ensure optimal stability, retention, facial support and aesthetics. This is a case report of rehabilitation of patient with resorbed residual mandibular ridge utilizing neutral zone impression technique.


complete denture, neutral zone, residual ridge, severely resorbed

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