Analysis of Impressions used for the fabrication of indirect fixed restorations

Siddartha Dixit, Punam Basnet Dixit, R Singh, Pranaya Khanal


ObjectiveThe main purpose of this study was to know about the materials and techniques used by the dental practitioners of Kathmandu for the fabrication of indirect fixed restorations. 

Materials and MethodsA total of 275 impressions made for the fabrication of indirect fixed restorations were collected from six dental labs in Kathmandu over a period of one month. The impressions were analyzed by observing the type of impression material used, the type of trays used and also the impression techniques used by the dental practitioners of Kathmandu.

Results:The result shows that all the impressions collected were made using Elastomeric Impression Materials. 68.72% of the impressions were made on stock trays, 3.47% were made using custom fabricated trays and 27.79% were made on sectional disposable trays. The most common Impression technique used was double mix double impression technique which was used in 82.23% of the impressions. The most common material used was Addition polysilicone impression material.

Conclusion:The impressions sent to the labs by the practitioners of Kathmandu for the fabrication of indirect fixed restorations are the ones which are recommended and the ones which tend to be more accurate. However, while using the other less preferred methods, the practitioners in Kathmandu should be aware of the short comings of the material, trays and techniques.


Double mix impressions, impression techniques, putty wash impressions, single mix impression

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