Dental Caries prevalence and treatment needs in children aged upto16 years attending at Kantipur Dental College and Hospital

Senchhema Limbu, Parajeeta Dikshit, S Mehata, P Thapa


ObjectiveThe study was conducted to know the prevalence of dental caries and corresponding treatment needs amongst 1-16 years old children who came to Kantipur dental college and hospital for their dental treatment.

Materials and MethodsA total of 1253 children were examined, caries along with its treatment needs were recorded according to World Health Organization index.The sample consisted of 177, 592 and 484 children in the age groups of 1-5, 6-11 and 12-16 years respectively.

ResultThe prevalence of dental caries found in the study samples are , the mean Decayed missing and filled teeth (DMFT)= 3.5,the prevalence and mean DMF in age group of 1-5, 6-11 and 12-16 years were 22% (DMFT=4.9), 54% (DMFT=3.6) and 24% (DMFT=2.0) respectively. The point prevalence of dental caries showed a common pattern of occurrence i.e., the prevalence of dental caries consistently increased from age groups1 5 years to 6-11 years and subsequently decreased at age group12-16 years. Treatment needs evaluated the need of restoration was the maximum followed by extraction, RCT/pulpectomy and oral prophylaxis.

ConclusionThere was high prevalence of untreated caries and treatment needs among the children who came to Kantipur dental college. In spite of increased number of dental facilities available nowadays, caries is yet not under control and there is need for implementation of dental health programes, preventive programs and creating awareness amongst the public about dental health measures.


Dental caries, DMF teeth, prevalence, primary dentition, permanent dentition, treatment needs

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