Job satisfaction among dentists of eastern Nepal – a pilot study

T KBhagat, A Shrestha, A Choudhary , S Sherchan, S Dahal, M Yadav


Objective: To find out the overall job satisfaction among the dentists of eastern Nepal using the short form of Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Method: The study population consisted of 59 practicing dentists in eastern Nepal. Data were collected using two questionnaires.

Results: The difference between the intrinsic, extrinsic and general satisfaction scores with regard to years in practice was found to be insignificant. The intrinsic, extrinsic and general satisfaction score with regard to dental auxiliaries was found to be significant for every satisfaction category. The mean satisfaction score of dentist who didn’t employ dental auxiliaries were significantly higher than those who employed dental auxiliaries.

Conclusion: The present study suggests that younger eastern Nepalese dentists seem to experience less job satisfaction than their elder counterparts of this region.


job satisfaction, dentists, eastern Nepal

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