Management of Cutaneous Sinus Tract of Endodontic Origin: - Two Case Reports

Jyotika Sharma, Shifali Mittal, Sunandan Mittal, Tarun Kumar


Cutaneous sinus tracts of endodontic origin represents one among the many types of sinus tracts that may form on the face and neck region. They are usually present on the chin and cheek region .They are uncommon, and often misdiagnosed. A sinus tract of endodontic origin is caused by pulp necrosis followed by invasion of microorganisms causing an inflammatory lesion in the periapical area of the affected tooth. Treatment is directed towards elimination of source of infection. This article reports two cases of facial sinus tracts which were managed by endodontic treatment of the affected teeth.


cutaneous sinus tracts, endodontic, extraoral

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