Comparison of Biodegradable And Titanium Screw Plates In Mandible Fracture

B PSedhain, Ying LJia, P Yang, Chuan-Huo Han


AimsTo compare the postoperative complications of biodegradable and titanium mini plates in mandible fracture and to see that biodegradable plate can replace the titanium plate.

MethodsPatients undergoing open surgical reduction of mandible fractures in between 2009 and 2011 were included in the present study. There were 116 facial fractures in 79 patients who were randomly divided into two groups either to be treated with Bioabsorbable Poly-L-Lactide or with titanium Miniplate and Screw System. 40 patients with 59 fracture sites were treated with biodegradable and 39 with 57 fracture sites were treated with titanium system. The skeletal stability and morbidity at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after the surgery was recorded.

ResultsIn the biodegradable plate group; infection occurred in 2 cases (5%), malunion in 4 cases (10%), malocclusion in 1 caseand the plate was removed in 4 cases (10%). Among the complications in biodegradable plate group, 1 case of infection, 3 cases of malunion , 1 case of malocclusion and 3 cases of plate removal found in parasymphyseal region. Whereas, infection occurred in 1 case (2.5%), malunion in 1 cases (2.5 %) and plate removal in 1case (2.5%), in the titanium plate group.

ConclusionWe concluded that complication could occur in both systems of the screw and plate. The complications were more in parasymphyseal region in biodegradable plate. Though the complication rate is slightly higher in case of biodegradable system than in titanium, biodegradable screws and plates can substitute titanium except in the parasymphysis.


Biodegradable, mandible fracture, titanium screw plate

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