Clinical and Radiographical Evaluation of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Formocresol as Pulpotomy Agent in Primary Molar Teeth

Santosh ManRajbhandari, R Joshi, S Alam, A AMoral, M Hossain


AimThe aim of this study was to compare the effect of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate(MTA) to that of Formocresol (FC) as pulp medicaments in pulpotomised primary molars.
Methodology30 primary molars were treated by a conventional pulpotomy technique. The teeth were randomly divided into groups: MTA (experimental) and FC (control). Following removal of coronal pulp and haemostasis, the pulp stumps of 15 teeth were covered with an MTA paste. In the remaining 15 teeth FC was placed with a cotton pellet over the pulp stumps. The teeth of both groups were finally restored by Glass Ionomer Cement. Clinical and radiolographic outcome of the teeth were evaluation after 3-months and 6-months following treatment.
ResultAt 6 months following treatment, All MTA treated teeth were clinically and radiographically successful. However, one teeth in FC group had spontaneous pain but it was radiographically successful.
Conclusion: Based on this clinical and radiographical evaluation it can be concluded that MTA could be used as a safe medicament for pulpotomy in cariously and mechanically exposed primary molars and could be a substitute for FC


Formocresol , MTA, pain, pulpotomy

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