Masticatory Efficiency of Partially Edentulous Patient’s Pre And Post Fixed Prosthodontic Rehabilitation

Shailendra KumarSingh


Background: EMG (electromyography) has been used to determine the masticatory efficiency of the muscles of mastication.
Method: In this study, Temporalis and Masseter muscle activity of patients with unilateral missing mandibular 1st molar were evaluated pre and post rehabilitation with three unit fixed partial denture prosthesis. Six male and four female patients, within the age range of 17–35 years and who had no cranio-mandibular disorder, any obvious malocclusion, or extensive restoration were included. Evaluation of masticatory efficiency was done by EMG analysis of anterior Temporalis and Masseter muscle simultaneously, bilaterally with 8-channel electromyograph. To see the difference, among the groups, pre and post rehabilitation Temporalis and Masseter muscle activity, on experimental side and control side were recorded and analysed. Paired samples t-test was applied for statistical data analysis.
Result: Pre rehabilitation muscle activity of experimental side Temporalis was 565.36  233.47 which increased to 683.8  211.31 after rehabilitation. Pre rehabilitation muscle activity of experimental side Masseter was 616.54  286.05 which increased to 711.99  245.01after rehabilitation. Maximum change was observed in the muscle activity on experimental side Temporalis. Pre and post rehabilitation values for control side Temporalis were 670.74  232.80 and 709.31  209.73 whereas for Masseter the values were 727.91  296.72 and 855.61  277.53 respectively. Statistically significant changes were observed in Temporalis and Masseter.
Conclusion: Post rehabilitation there was an increase in both the Temporalis and Masseter muscle activity in all the patients. Post rehabilitation, Masseter muscle showed greater increases in muscle activity than that of Temporalis. During rest, Temporalis muscle was at minimum tonic contraction (average Amp. 90μv) whereas no contraction of the Masseter muscles noted bilaterally.


emg (electromyography), fixed partial denture, masticatory efficiency , prosthodontic rehabilitation sensitivity.

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