Squamous Odontogenic Tumor: A Rare Case Report

Pratibha Poudel, Barsha Bajracharya, S Bhattacharya, Ritesh Giri, Dipshikha Bajracharya


Squamous odontogenic tumor is a rare benign locally infiltrative neoplasm first described by Pullon et al. (1975). Since then, there have been less than 50 cases reported. The tumor is often asymptomatic, although it can present with symptoms of pain and tooth mobility. The characteristic radiographic appearance is that of a triangular-shaped unilocular radiolucency with divergent roots of the involved teeth. Histologically, the tumor is characterized by the proliferation of benign appearing, squamous epithelium in the connective tissue stroma with occasional vacuolization and keratinization. Here, we report a rare case of Squamous odontogenic tumor in anterior mandible of a 40 years old female patient.


odontogenic tumor, Squamous epithelium

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