Malignant Melanoma In The Oral Cavity: A Rare Case Report With Review of Literature

Rajesh Twyana, Zhang HongYi


Malignant melanoma is extremely rare neoplasm arising from uncontrolled growth of melanocytes, accounting for 0.5% of all oral malignancies. It has a great tendency to metastasize and locally invade tissues more readily than any other malignant tumor of the oral cavity. It occurs approximately four times more frequently in the oral mucosa of the upper jaw usually on the palate or alveolar gingiva. It present as the rare oral malignant condition, asymptomatic and poor prognosis. The necessity of a highly specialized treatment is factors that should be seriously considered by the involved health care provider. Herein, we report a rare and interesting case of oral malignant melanoma of the maxillary anterior gingiva, which was clinically and histo-pathologically diagnosed with a brief review of literature, has been discussed.


gingiva, melanocytes, metastasis, oral melanoma, recurrence

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