Microsurgical Repair of root defect and follow-up for 2 years and 3 month: case report

Sanjay KumarTiwari, Li Peng, JIn BoYang


Apical periodontitis is the disease of microbial origin. Most of the cases of apicalperiodontitis responds positively towards the root canal treatment and lesion heal. But, some cases with extradicular microbial biofilm do not respond toward treatment. These cases are known as persistent apical periodontitis. The line of management for cases with persistent apical periodontitis is root canal treatment followed bysurgical management. This report presented to inform the management of surgical repair of tooth with persistent apical periodontitis due to large apex and crack on the root surface. The lesion has satisfactory healing and a tooth is function after 2 year and 3 month follow-up.



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