Maxillary Anterior Crown Lengthening - An Aesthetic Enhancement Two Infected

Vijendra PSingh, Sunil KumarNettem, Sowmya Nettem, Madhu Verma


In the anterior segment of maxilla, the position of labial margin of gingiva is an important parameter in the achievement of an ideal smile. Abnormalities in symmetry and contour can significantly affect the harmonious appearance of the natural or prosthetic dentition. There is a tremendous focus on cosmetics today. Dentists are blessed with the unique ability to not only improve patient’s health but also enhance their attractiveness. The aim of crown lengthening for aesthetic reasons to correct either a gummy smile or gingival overgrowth. Thorough planning and adherence to biologic principles are the keys to predictable treatment.


aesthetic crown lengthening, biological width, gummy smile

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