Oral pyogenic granuloma – a case report

Shristi Kafle, Shaili Pradhan


Pyogenic granuloma is a fast growing reactive proliferation of endothelial cells commonly on the gingiva which arises in response to various stimuli such as a low-grade local irritations, traumatic injuries or hormonal factors. Pyogenic granuloma which often arises in 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy possibly because of the vascular effects of female hormones is termed as “Pregnancy Tumor”. Clinically oral pyogenic granuloma is a smooth or lobulated exophytic lesion manifestating as small, erythematous papules on a pedunculated or sometimes sessile base, which is usually hemorrhagic. The condition is frequently associated with periodontal pain and discomfort, in some cases interfering with mastication and creating esthetic problems.


gingiva, hormonal factors ,pregnancy, pyogenic granuloma

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