Lateral Pedicle Graft: A treatment modality for root coverage in the management of localized gingival recessions

Sujayaa Gupta, Shaili Pradhan


Gingival recession is frequently occurring in patients coming to dental clinic which could lead to pain or hypersensitivity, esthetic problem, retention of plaque hence inflamed gingiva, root caries, abrasion and fear of tooth loss. Gingival recession can be managed by surgical or non-surgical approaches. Nonsurgical approaches include - restorations, crowns, veneers and gingival masks whereas surgical management includes various techniques of increasing the width of keratinized tissue such as frenectomy in case of high frenal attachment & root coverage procedures. Lateral pedicle graft (LPG), is a technique where graft is elevated from donor site which remains attached at its base for nourishment and is transferred to adjacent site in isolated denuded root. A case of gingival recession is presented that was managed in our department using LPG technique. This technique was selected because of the advantages such as – single surgical area, preservation of blood supply of flap, the postoperative color being in harmony with surrounding tissue.


lateral pedicle graft, gingival recession, root coverage, dentine sensitivity

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