Positioning and Technical Errors in Orthopantomogram of Edentulous, Dentulous and Child Patient

S Pandey, Keerthilatha MPai, Arun Dhakal, B Shrestha


Orthopantomogram is one of the routinely used investigations in dentistry. Therefore it is very important to be aware of the common errors of radiographs for proper radiographic diagnosis. Radiographs of all patient (n=1010) taken for a 3 months period in Oral Radiology Department of Manipal college of dental sciences were classified in four different groups, dentulous, edentulous partially edentulous and child patient. The radiographs are further evaluated for errors and found that tongue not resting against the palate, dark and light radiographs, radiopaque ghost shadow of the cervical spine superimposed on the symphyseal region and patient movement were found common errors. Fewer errors are likely to be made when a quality assurance regimen and proper training, which includes the recognition and correction of errors, are followed. 


Panoramic radiograph, Positional error, Technical error

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