Tooth Carving An Emphasis On Its Significance – A Review

G Shivakumar, A Packlalakshmi, K TShanmugam, M Sivakumar, G Kesavan, V PrasadSrinivas


Study of tooth morphology is an age-old exercise. It is designed to reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained in the lectures as well as contributes towards the development of manual dexterity, a skill which is essential in the practice of dentistry. Now many experts after considerable years of experience are of the view that the study of tooth morphology serves no purpose in the present day context. Alternative, subjects like bioinformatics, molecular biology and comparative anatomy can be taught for dental students in order to make them better versed. Hence here in this paper we would like to throw light on this debatable topic. 


dental morphology, dentistry, syllabus, tooth carving

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