Stent assisted aesthetics crown lengthening in maxillary anterior region: A case report

Shahabe SaquibAbullais, Muhammad WaqarHussain, Mohasin AbdulKhader


Gingival display of more than 3mm on maxillary anterior teeth can actually batter an individual’s personality whereas ‘good bright smile’ do reflect their vibrant nature. Central incisor is the dominant component in the anterior dental composition, with ideal height to width ratio of the crown is 10:8. According to this ratio the gingival zenith for lateral and canine is adjusted. In this article, we presented a case of crown lengthening done on the concept of biometrics and proportions by using prefabricated surgical stent. Crown lengthening was accomplished by internal bevel gingivectomy and osseous reduction, considering the concept of biological width. Patient was kept under observation for one year to check recurrence and stability of periodontal status. At the end of one year the results were satisfactory without any sign of recurrence. 


crown lengthening procedure, gummy smile, surgical stent

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