Revascularization: A promising alternative treatment for traumatic permanent immature necrotic teeth

Sunil Kharel, Ying Xu


Endodontic treatment of traumatic immature permanent teeth has been questioned for its long term prognosis. The treatment options for such cases include multivisit apexification with calcium hydroxide or with single visit Mineral trioxide aggregate plug. The objective of conventional root treatment is not only difficult to achieve in such cases but even if it is met, the formed root is found to be short with thin and weak dentinal walls with higher risks of fracture. Revascularization has been suggested as promising alterative treatment for necrotic immature permanent teeth. The desirable outcome of the treatment is continuous growth of the root, maturation of the lateral dentinal walls and apical closure. This review provides an overview of revascularization and its goals, mechanism of revascularization, clinical protocols along with summary of some recently published clinical reports on revascularization.


apexification; immature permanent teeth; non vital teeth; revascularization

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