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Dr. Abhinav Acharya
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Dr. Ameena Pradhan
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Dr. Rabindraman Shrestha
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Dr. Santosh Man Rajbhandari
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Dr. A R Vivekanada Pai
Dr. B Rajkumar
Dr. Md. Shamsul Alam
Publication Assistant
Mr. Khagendra P Bhattarai


Research are said to be the backbones of progress in any field of medical science and allied alike.

All of us are aware of the fact that the academic and clinical success depends on the researches as this guides us to spread our horizon of observation and keep us in pace with time and ever changing technologies.

Encouragement from NDA and hard work put up by our editorial team has led to reorganization and restructuring of JNDA. This in turn has made it possible for JNDA to resurface and once again spread the researches and various modalities of patient management that have been going on in our dental fraternity globally.

We in this journal encourage all the clinicians, academicians (national and international) alike to share your experiences (researches, reviews, case reports and the like) in this platform of JNDA.

We share, we care and together we rise to uplift the dentists and dentistry of Nepal.

Happy reading.

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The Journal is published every six months.